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q.inspecta gains Swiss Parks of National Importance accreditation



The Swiss Parks are 19 unique areas with extraordinary landscapes and vibrant traditions. They include the Swiss National Park in the canton of Grisons and the Entlebuch LU UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The Swiss Parks Network is the umbrella organisation of the 19 parks and park projects in Switzerland. The network provides a framework for dialogue, exchange and knowledge transfer between parks.


Before the Swiss Confederation awards the Park of National Importance designation to a park, which is a protected label, that park must meet various requirements established by the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) under the Swiss Parks Ordinance (SR 451.36). Goods and services meeting those requirements are awarded the product label «Product of the Swiss Parks».


q.inspecta, the subsidiary of bio.inspecta, is an accredited company that ensures the certification procedure established by the Swiss Confederation for Parks of National Importance and for goods and services from the parks.




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